About JoJo’s

Three Generations of Women Business Owners

Left - JoJo (mother)  
Middle - Vicky (grandmother)
Right - Julie (aunt) Bottom (Riley)

At age eight, my mother, Joanna, passed away from cancer, and it lead me into a spiral of much needed healing and understanding of life. My new purpose was to help in others however I could, which eventually lead me to pre-medical school. Sooner rather than later, I realized this wasn't the right path; so I dropped out, and became a yoga teacher to focus on a naturopathic way of healing those around me. This was only a catalyst to what would become JoJo's Farmers Market. 


Incubating small businesses, and sharing health and wellness, has been so rewarding for myself as a young, female entrepreneur. I know this venture couldn’t be possible without our diverse group of vendors and market goers, including our BIPOC (Black and Indigenous People of Color) community. JoJo's Farmers Market continues to strive forward to create a safe space for our entire community, showing our drive to enforce the values close to us, including, Anti-Racism, which is an issue we have experienced first hand in our communities surrounding our markets. We will continue to support our start-ups and small local businesses from folks of all walks of life while spreading our peaceful values along the way. 


Our goal is to provide a market town, where we bring staple items and holistic healing from city to city on different weekends. Starting in Jupiter on the fourth Saturdays, then Delray Beach on the second Saturdays, and Fort Lauderdale on first and third Sundays of each month. 


We encourage our shoppers to track when JoJo’s will pop up near you!